About Our Beef Sticks

and why we are passionate about them.

E Cattle Company started as a beef operation in Northwestern Wisconsin. Where we raise high quality Limousin and Irish Black cattle.
Just two years ago, we bought a meat processing facility close to our community where we began wholesaling and distributing our fresh beef to area restaurants and local customers.
Every Fall we process several hundred deer during the months of October thru December.  That time of year is fun and exciting, a change of pace if you will.  We produce thousands of pounds of venison snack sticks each year.  The feedback was wonderful.
It wasn’t long before we decided to transition some of our recipes to the beef side of things.  Well, let’s just say it has caught us by surprise….as a family we did not think it could happen so fast.  We are blessed!

Our Mission Statement

To produce the highest quality beef snack stick with minimal processing and no preservatives. It starts with raising high quality beef on our Wisconsin farm, enjoyed by our family, friends, and customers alike. The E Cattle Company brand, provides you the confidence to source incredible tasting products while carrying exceptional nutritional value. It’s that good!